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Granit Cubicle 10 mm

Granit Cubicle 10 mm

References : Stratifié massif 10 mm

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plus economique
Very robust
plus produit solididté

Easy maintenance

plus produit entretien facile

Highly suitable for wet environments

plus produit humidité

Best value for money

plus produit prix



France Equipement offers you a cost effective solution designed for strength with this entry-range cubicle.

A quality product made from high-grade materials,suitable for all types of ground and surface;guaranteed sturdiness with all basic features.




See exploded view of standard cubicle



Schéma d'une cabine standard de type cabine granit




Wiew the Confort model


Technical description of the Granit cubicle :



Illustrations Spécifications
Doors, Partitions and front pilasters pictogramme de la por<mce:script type=


Made of solid grade laminate 10mm, peach skin finish, Fully adapted to wet environments (fire classification class M2 (M1 optional)).


Doors and front pilaster pictogramme de la porte et du meneaux de façade pour la cabine stratifie

Assembling the overlay doors. Rounded edges. Pilasters rounded at the bottom, no sharp edges.


Refends autoportant une seule pièce.

Freestanding one-piece shear walls up to a depth of 2.05 m (standard model) or 1.85 m depth (Confort model). Blunted edges.

Head rail Aluminium enrobe de resine polyester cuite au four

Gray powder-coated aluminum with large cross-section, 50 x 30 mm.

Clips and brackets

etrier en inox laque gris

Brackets and U-bolts Made with grey powder-coated stainless steel. Back Wall fixing background with 3 U-bolts. Pilasters fixed on partition walls or end walls with 4 brackets.

Adjustable Pied verin en nylon arme de ibre de verre

Reinforced glass fiber nylon. Gray colored. Totally corrosion resistant.. Adjustable height 100 to 140 mm.

Pivot bolt verrous pivotants interieur et exterieur

Gray colored nylon. Clipped screw cover. Corrosion resistant. Vacant/occupied lock window that can be opened from the outside. Other locks available.

Door knobs

bouton de porte

Gray colored nylon, 1 single side knob per door.

Hinges Paumelle en nylon arme de fibre de verre, axe en laiton

Made of gray reinforced glass fiber nylon with chromed brass swivels. Clipped screw covers. Multifunctional, come with spring back system if required, functions equally for both left and right side opening doors. Detachable feature available, 2 hinges per door, (standard model), 3 hinges per door, (Confort model).


Nuancier Cabines /// Armoires /// Casier /// Aménagement en stratifié massif

Nuancier Cabines /// Armoires /// Casier /// Aménagement en stratifié massif
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